How can I add a collection list to my homepage?

Add a "Collection list" section to your homepage (collections, collections' titles and a heading) by doing the following steps:

1. Go to Online store->Themes->Palo Alto theme

2. Click "Actions"

3. Click "Edit code"

4. Search for the "Sections" folder

5. Click the "Add a new section" link and name the file as "collection-list"

6. Copy and paste the code from the link  here

7. Click "Save"

8. Search for the "Snippets" folder

9. Click the"Add a new snippet" link and name the file as "collection-grid-item"

10. Copy and paste the code from the link  here

11. Click "Save"

12. Search for the "Assets" folder

13. Open the "theme.scss.liquid" file

14. Append the code from the link here to the end of the file

15. Click "Save"

Now you will be able to set up your collection list from the theme's editor. In order to do it go to Online store->Themes->Palo Alto->Click "Customize"->Click the "Add section" link->Collection list

Add a heading to your collection List and define how many collections will display per row. Also, you can choose the position of each collection's title ("Below" & "Above")

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