How can I change the on sale price's color?

Change the on sale price's color by doing the following:

1. Go to Online store->Themes->Palo Alto theme->Click "Actions"->Click "Edit code"

2. Search for the "Snippets" folder

on the Collections page

3. Open the product-grid.liquid file

4. On line 51 replace this block of code 

{{ product.price | money }}

    With the following block of code

<span> {{ product.price | money }} </span>

5. Click "Save"

on the Product page

3. Open the product-form.liquid file

4. Replace lines 47-48

{% endif %} {{ current_variant.price | money }}

    With the following block of code

<span>{{ current_variant.price | money }}</span> {% else %} <span>{{ current_variant.price | money }}</span> {% endif %}

5. Click "Save"

6. Search for the "Assets" folder

7. Open the "theme.scss.liquid" file

8. Add the following block of code to the end of the file

.current-price{ color : #f00; } .reduced-price{ color: #000; }

9. Click "Save"

Note: This guide changes the new price's color to red and retains the old price's color as black. Feel free to change the colors in the current-price (new price) and the reduced-price classes (old price) according to your liking.

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