How can I add my own typography?

Add your own typography to your store and give your personal style to your text! 

Do the following steps:

1. Save your font file in one of the following formats  -> .ttf, .woff, .eot  

2. Go to Online Store>Themes>Your theme

3. Click the "Actions" button

4. Click the "Edit theme" button

5. Search for the "Assets" folder

6. Click the "Add a new asset" button

7. Select your font file and click the "Upload asset" button

Example Font File

8. Go to "theme.scss.liquid" file in the "Assets" folder

9. Append the following code to the top of the file

@font-face {
    font-family: 'myFirstFont';
    src: url(OpenSans.ttf);}

Note that you can change the name "myFirstFont" to whatever you like. Inside the url(), add the name of your font file (i.e. OpenSans.ttf)

10. Replace lines 349 to 395 (before $style:inherit; ) with the code from the link here



11. Click "Save"

Note: With this change, you can't select your font-family through the theme's editor settings.