How do I hide the cart on my site?

If you want to hide the e-commerce components on your site like the Cart icon, the Add to Cart buttons and the product variant options (i.e. quantity input) do the following steps:

1. Online Store -> Edit HTML/CSS

2. Locate assets/theme.scss.liquid

3. Append this code to the end of the file:

  • Hide the cart icon
  • .site-header__cart-toggle {display: none !important;}
  • Hide the Add To Cart button
  • #AddToCart {display: none !important;}
  • Hide the product variants options
  • .variants-wrapper, .ajaxcart__qty {display: none !important;}
  • Hide the product price
  • #ProductPrice, .price {display: none !important;}
  • Hide the cart subtotal price
  • .cart__subtotal price {display: none !important;}
  • Hide all of them
  • .site-header__cart-toggle, #AddToCart, .variants-wrapper, .ajaxcart__qty, #ProductPrice, .price, .cart__subtotal price {display: none !important;}

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