How to set up unique product features

In this documentation post, we will take a look at how to create unique Product Feature sections.

Note: This will work for Palo Alto version 3.0.0 and above


Creating the new section

First, go to your Online Store > Themes and create a Duplicate of your live theme. This will ensure you have a stable copy of your theme to revert to. Once this is done Click on Actions > Edit Code.

Next, go to the sections folder and click on ' Add new section'. Name this section 'product__additional-details' and click on 'Create section'.

Shopify will generate a new section file called " product__additional-details.liquid" and it will have some code in it by default. You will need to clear it and then paste in the code from the 'product__additional-details.liquid' section.


Adding the new Section

The next step is to incorporate the new section into the 'product.liquid' template. You can find it in your Templates folder. Once you open it, you will need to place this line of code '{%- section 'product__additional-details' -%}' right before the FAQ section:

Once, added, Save the file and open the Theme Editor.


Editing your New Section

To find the newly created section, you can select Product Pages from the top drop-down menu and click on 'Additional Details'. 

Inside, you will find the option to add a new product feature. When you select your new feature block, you will also get the option for which product it should be added:

While the section can be accessed from each product page, this will ensure that the features you add will be unique for the product itself. The rest of the section settings are similar to those of the home page product feature section.

Contact support if you experience complications

If you have any questions about updating between versions, feel free to contact our support.

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