Can I use the page.about template on different pages?

Shopify themes only have dynamic sections available on the Home page. However, wouldn't it be great to have some dynamic content Sections available elsewhere? The great news is that the Palo Alto theme includes an About us template that is a unique template designed to be used on one page due to the dynamic section limitation.

Our guide on using built-in page templates illustrates how you can use the about template on a page. Using the page.about page template across many pages means that the content to the pages that you assign the template will all have similar content. What if we want to to have different pages rendering different content using the about template?

We will show you the steps to do just that within your Shopify store by duplicating the about template:

Step 1: Accessing the code editor section

You will need to navigate to the Online Store>Themes>Palo Alto>Edit code

Step 2: Copy the page.about template content

To do this, access the “Templates” section, open the page.about template and copy all its content

Step 3: Duplicate the page.about template

For this step, you will need to carry out the following:

Still within the Templates section, click on the “Add a new template” link. From the popup rendered, select the create a new template for “page”, name it for example “about2” and click on the “create template” button on the popup.

With this done, remove the content on the newly created template and paste the content you copied in Step 2 above

Ensure that you rename the “about-page” within the code to “about2-page” or else the name you choose for your page template

Step 4: Copy the about-page

Within the “Sections”, select the about-page.liquid file and copy its contents

Step 5: Duplicate the about-page.liquid file

Create a new section and name it as the file created within step 3. In our case here, it will be “about2-page”.

Remove the content on the newly created file, paste the contents of the about-page that we copied in step 4 and save your changes.

With this done, you should have a view of the template created within your pages. 

Here is a screen recording of all the steps put together: