How to setup multicurrency for my Store

The Multi-Currency feature allows you to accept payments in native multiple currencies. Your customers can browse your store and check out in their preferred currency.

This feature is however only available for stores using Shopify Payments. For a list of supported countries, please check out the Shopify Payments Requirements.

We added Shopify's native multicurrency switcher on our latest theme versions (v2.6.0+) as required by Shopify, unlike having it as a theme setting like we previously had.

Below are some steps on how to go about enabling it:


 Enable the Currencies for your Store  

  1. Within your Shopify admin, navigate to the Settings>Payment Providers section

  3. Click on the manage link

  4. In the Multiple currencies section, enable the currencies that you want to support from the list of accepted currencies
  5. Save your changes

 Enable the currency selector within the theme

  1. Navigate to the Online Store>Themes>Palo Alto
  2. Click on Customize
  3. Within the sections, scroll down to the footer

  4. Click on the footer and on the “ Currency Selector” section, enable the “Show currency selector” option

  5. Save your changes

Final Output

With the above instructions carried out, you should have a view of the currency selector within your footer. 

Below is a screencast summarizing the above steps: