How to add color swatches

This article will demonstrate the steps needed to add color swatches to a product.

Product variants and options on the product pages and quick view (if enabled) are displayed as drop-down menus by default.  Customers choose their product options (such as color, size, material, etc.) by selecting options in the drop-down.  This works fine, but if you'd like to use a more graphical approach, you might want to give swatches a try.

1. Enable the color swatches option on your product page settings as shown below.

a. In your  Shopify dashboard, click Online Store >Themes and look for the Palo Alto > Customize theme

b. Under the theme settings, select the product option. Scroll down to locate the enable color swatches option.

2. You'll need to set up your product color variant options as shown on the Shopify guide below:

  a. Go to your Shopify Dashboard > Select the Products tab

  b. Select a product on the products list

 c. Scroll down to the variants section and add the different variants and Save

  d. Check the product on the front-end to confirm the update.

3.  For custom color variants (for example color patterns), this option colors will not picked and you'll need to upload this             custom colors as shown below:

Please see the Shopify guide below on how to create Product Variants:

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