Adding a logout option in the Accounts page

This article contains steps that will help implement a logout option in the Accounts Page.

1. Go to your  Palo Alto theme on the Dashboard and select Actions >>  Edit Code.

2. Open the Templates folder and locate the customers/account.liquid file. Click it to open the built-in editor.

3. Locate the code below in the file around line 81.

<p><a class="account-addresses" href="/account/addresses">
{{ 'customer.account.view_addresses' | t }} ({{ customer.addresses_count }})</a></p>

4.Add the following code below it.

<a href="{{ shop.url }}/account/logout" class="button button--normal button--primary" 
style="margin-top:1em; text-align: center; display: inline-block; width: fit-content;">

5. Save  the file and check the account page for confirmation.